HEPA/Carbon Air Cleaner  vs  Electronics, Exhaust Systems, 
New HVAC Systems and Ozone

HEPA/Carbon smoke eater  vs  Electronics

Consistent Air Quality
1.  HEPA/Carbon units have a 95% grade, 12-" deep HEPA Filter that captures 95% of smoke particles 100% of the time for one full year.  Your air quality is always consistently good.

Electronic units have plated cells that lose their efficiency as the plates are coated by smoke particles.  40 hours of run time in a heavy smoke environment will bring their efficiency to less than 30%.

(No one would be happy driving a car rated at 30 miles per gallon that constantly dipped to 10 miles per gallon or less; this is the reason many establishments remove the electronic units and install our HEPA units--that always deliver good consistent air quality 100% of the time.

2.  All HEPA/Carbon Units come with 6-Activated Carbon Filters.  Each Carbon Filter will absorb 50% of its own weight in tar & nicotine gases, getting rid of tobacco smell and odors (this filter is changed bi-monthly); there really is no reason for your clothes to small like cigarettes!

Most electronic units do not have activated carbon to eliminate tar and nicotine gases and odors.  Those that do offer carbon, never recommend changing them often enough to effectively make a difference.

3. A HEPA/Carbon unit never makes snap, pop or crackling noises.

The electronic unit, by nature, will snap, crackle and pop when dirty.

4. With a HEPA/Carbon unit, each has a Pre-Filter that is changed once a month; a Carbon Filter is located next to the Pre-Filter and is changed bi-monthly, and the HEPA Filter is changed once a year.  This entire process takes approximately two (2) minutes per unit and can easily be done without hiring an outside service  (nothing to wash!).

The electronic cell plates must constantly be removed, cleaned, dried and replaced.  This process requires special cleaning solutions, is messy and very time consuming.  Electronic maintenance service contracts are expensive, or to rely on a member or employee is a very heavy burden, especially if you are cleaning the electronic cells as often as required to maintain clean, fresh indoor air.  

5.  Our Units have a Ten-Year Manufacturer's Replacement Warranty,
 as long as the HEPA Filter is changed annually.

Most electronics have a one to two year parts only warranty.

HEPA/Carbon Smoke Eater vs Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans

 Do they work?  Yes.  Is it the way to Go?  NO!  

If you evaluate the cost of replacing the cooled or heated air in your smoking area, you will find that energy costs to replace heated and cooled air are getting higher...a real negative in the "green" game.  You will also find that a room full of people in a hot climate do not appreciate having all the COLD air sucked out of that room, leaving them uncomfortably warm.  Likewise, sucking the HEAT out of a room full of people in a cold climate will not make them happy either.  We won't even talk about the potential problems from punching a hole in your roof!

HEPA/Carbon Smoke Eater  vs  New HVAC System

Your existing furnace and air conditioner are designed to change the temperature in a room.  In order to use them to clean the air--you must replace them with much LARGER systems to handle greater outside air exchange and heat recovery.

You may also need to replace the ductwork.  All this at a very substantial investment,
 not to mention the increased energy cost to run these additional features.

So, if your existing HVAC systems are working fine to heat and cool your air...KEEP THEM.

Just a Note on Ozone

You can't be "green" with Ozone Units in occupied spaces. 
 There are plenty of warnings regarding people with respiratory problems and ozone.

Check for yourself with the American Lung Association, the EPA or OSHA.

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