Warranty & Filter Maintenance

Every air filtration system, no matter how it works, has to be maintained.

Competing systems become almost ineffective once they’re dirty, and can be quite difficult to clean.

HEPA filtering (developed by the Atomic Energy Commission to filter radioactive particles from the air) is very safe and simple to maintain—slide out the old filter and slide in the new.

To help keep your Air Cleaner systems running at their best, we include a 12-month supply of all necessary filters with each unit. After 12 months, our Filter Maintenance Program will send yearly reminders, to keep your system properly maintained. 

If filters are changed according to the Maintenance schedule, you will  be granted a Manufacturer’s extended REPLACEMENT warranty of 10 years to the original purchaser, this warranty covers the entire unit, (excluding filters).

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Smoke Eater - 10 Yr Warranty