Filter maintenance may vary according to each situation.


Super Slim Air Purification System

  1. Always unplug or disconnect the air cleaner from the power supply before servicing.  
  2. To reduce the risk of electric shock or injury to persons, do not expose to water or rain; do not use in a window.
  3. Do not use this unit with any solid-state speed control device.
1.  Each air cleaner is equipped with four (4) eyebolts installed 16" on center on top of each system for easy installation.
2.  The installation hardware also includes four (4) "S" hooks,  four (4) eye-lags and industrial hanging wire.

1.  To change Pre-Filter and Carbon Filter, remove pins from intake side of unit
2.  The Pre-Filter is the first filter located behind the grill and is changed monthly.
3.  The Carbon Filter is located behind the Pre-Filter and is changed every other month.
4.  To change the H.E.P.A. Filter, remove pins and grill from air exiting side of unit.  The HEPA is the metal box filter located behind the grill.  Remove H.E.P.A. bar.  Simply slide H.E.P.A. filter out, dispose of and replace with new filter.  The H.E.P.A. Filter is changed once a year.
5.  DO NOT WASH FILTERS    NO CLEANING REQUIRED    (All filters are disposable)


Locate studs in the ceiling.  
Eyebolts on systems are 16" square.  
Screw in the  four (4) eye-lags provided into the studs.
Attach the four (4) "S" hooks to the eye-lags and close the "S" hooks around the eye-lags to secure.
Raise the system and attach the four (4) eyebolts to the open end of the "S" hooks.
Close the "S" hooks around the eyebolts.
Plug in the 3-prong 7' power cord and turn the switch to on.

1.  Remove tile from ceiling grid.
2.  Unit can be secured to beams, rafters or joists above the drop ceiling.  Thread the industrial hanging wire provided through one (1) eyebolt and twist wire together.  Make sure the wire is tight.  Eyebolts on the systems are 16" square.  Next, take the wire and go up and over a beam, rafter or joist, letting the wire hang so it can be twisted to the opposite eyebolt.  Repeat procedure with remaining two (2) eyebolts.

3  In a case where there are no beams, rafters or joists, the unit needs to be secured to the main structure above the drop ceiling.  There are four (4) eye-lags provided to screw into the main structure. Eyebolts on the systems are 16" square.  Thread hanging wire provided through one (1) eyebolt and twist wsire together.  Make sure wire is tight.  Thread loose wnd of wire through two (2) parallel eye-lags in the main structure.  Twist the loose end of wire to opposite eyebol.  Repeat procedure with remaining eyebolts and eye-lags.

4.  Hang so that the top of the system will be flush with the drop ceiling.  Therefore, you will not see any of the hanging apparatus.  Fill any gap in the drop ceiling by cutting down the ceiling tile, removed at the beginning of the installation, to the correct measuement and inserting back into the grid.


Super Slim Users Manual​