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Air Purification Services

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Smoke Eater Room Sizing


The most important factors in properly sizing for the elimination of tobacco smoke & odors is the square footage of the area, the ceiling height, and the number of occupants in a given space.

Recommended Rule of Thumb:

A minimum of Six air changes per hour will resolve most cigarette tobacco smoke and odor problems; (if your facility allows cigar smoking you will need Nine air changes per hour to achieve the desired result).

Example of how to size the room:  100' x 50' room = 5000 square feet.  Let's assume this room has a 10-foot drop ceiling height.  5000 square feet x 10' height = 50,000 cubic feet of space.  To achieve the air quality you desire we need to clean that 50,000 cubic feet of air a minimum of Six times per hour (50,000 x 6 = 300,000 cubic feet per hour).

In this Example we will use the 10.0 Flush Mount Unit:
The 10.0 FM Unit cleans 900 (CFM) Cubic Feet of Air per Minute with all HEPA and other filters in place.  When we multiply 900 CFM x 60 minutes we know that one 10.0 Flush Mount will clean 54,000 (CFH) Cubic Feet of Air per Hour.  To know how many units we need, we simply divide the cubic feet of the room (300,000) by 54,000=5.5 or Six 10.0 Flush Mount units.

For this Example let's consider the occupancy factor; each 10.0 Flush Mount unit will handle 30 smokers (allow 30 cubic feet per smoker- 900 CFM divided by 30=30 smokers).  Six 10.0 FM units will handle 180 smokers.  If your facility has more than 180 smokers you will need to add one unit for each additional 30 smokers to achieve the desired air quality.

The same formula can be applied to all of our equipment and to any size facility.  
Below is listed the cubic feet per hour with all filters in place.

10.0 Flush Mount...54,000 CFH
22 Flush Mount...  54,000 CFH
20.0 Flush Mount....90,000 CFH
Mark 10....49,500 CFH
Mark 15...69,000 CFH
Mark 20....90,000 CFH
PR3 & PR6...21,000 CFH