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Since 1999,  APS has been helping business owners reach their goal of offering clean, fresh, healthy air throughout their facilities.

Whether fraternal organizations, private clubs, billiard and bingo halls, beauty shops and nail salons, casinos, restaurants and nite clubs, cigar bars, hookah lounges, corner bars and vapor bars  --  Big or Small --  we have helped them all.  

We provide "User Friendly" personal answers and assistance in correctly sizing your facility, proper placement of equipment, and of course, the best units to do the job to provide you with the great indoor air you are looking for.

We understand our customers need to provide the best
 indoor air quality at the best value.  

Our Smoke Eaters truly meet those needs -- combining the best price and warranty in the business.

The products we represent are based on a simple, highly effective approach -- a triple-layer of environmentally-safe HEPA filters, proven effective in treating
 indoor odors, pollutants and contamination.

When compared to any air filtration systems on the market, we're confident we represent the best combination of safety, value, efficiency, ease of maintenance and effectiveness.  

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