22 Flush Mount SMOKE EATER
Users Manual
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22 Flush Mount Manual


Filter maintenance may vary according to each situation.



22 Flush Mount Air Purification System


  1. Always unplug or disconnect the air cleaner from power supply before servicing.
  2. To reduce the risk of electric shock or injury to persons, do not expose to water or rain, do not use in a window.
  3. Do not use this fan with any solid state speed control device.


  1. The 22 Flush Mount has a ten (10) foot power cord and a 3-prong grounded plug.  Electrical:  120 volts, 4.2 amps.
  2. Each unit includes a years supply of filters which consists of twelve (12) Pre-Filters, six (6) Carbon Filters, and one (1) Galvanized HEPA Filter.


  The Manufacturer recommends  installation be performed by a licensed contractor, licensed electrician or equivalent.

Step 1:  Remove the system from the shipping container and remove all three filters, including H.E.P.A. Filter and H.E.P.A. Bar at exit end.
Step 2:  After deciding location and direction of air flow, locate the studs between which the unit will be positioned.
Step 3:  Mark out the area where the ceiling will be cut. (Min. 47” x 22-½”)
Step 4:  Remove the piece of ceiling that has been cut, and remove all screws, nails, etc. from the cut-out area.
Step 5:  At this time, locate an electrical source from above the cut-out area, and plug in the unit.
Step 6:  Remove service door and screws that hold the door frame.  Also remove adjustable louver grille.
Step 7:  Raise unit into the ceiling.  (Leave the unit protruding from the ceiling-depending on the thickness of the molding that you are using to frame out around the unit).
Step 8:  At this time, from inside the unit, affix (screw) unit into studs.  Position the screws as close to the top of the studs as possible.  This will make removal of the adjustable louver grille easier.  We suggest the use of 1-½” to 2” Phillips pan-head  
screws and fender washers for stability.  We also suggest that you use 2 screws in each quadrant for support.
Step 9:  Replace service door frame to unit, install Pre-Filter and Carbon Filter, and clip on the service door.  At opposite end of unit, install the H.E.P.A. Filter and the H.E.P.A. Bar.  Replace the adjustable exit louver.
Step 10: Frame unit in with your choice of material. (See #7.)

Filter Changing:

Pre-Filter            -               Change every 3 to 4 weeks
Carbon Filter            -        Change at least every 2 months
H.E.P.A. Filter        -         Change at least every 12 months

Step 1:  The Pre-Filter is located behind the intake door (service door).  The Pre-Filter is a blue and white polyester, pre-tack filter.  The intake door is located closets to the HI/OFF/LO switch on the face of the system.  Unclip the two latches on the intake door and the door will swing down.  The Pre-Filter is the first filter behind the intake door.  Peel away dirty Pre-Filter and discard.  Install the new Pre-Filter with the white side out.  Close door.  DO NOT WASH PRE-FILTERS.  

Step 2:  The carbon filter is located behind the Pre-Filter.  Follow Pre-Filter changing instructions from Step 1.  Remove carbon filter, discard and replace with new Carbon Filter.  DO NOT WASH CARBON FILTERS.  

Step 3:  Remove the adjustable louver.  Remove the H.E.P.A. Bar.  The H.E.P.A. Filter is a pleated media surface with a metal frame.  Slip the H.E.P.A. Filter out of the system, discard and replace with new H.E.P.A. Filter.  DO NOT WASH H.E.P.A. FILTER.