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                 12 --  Pre-Filters              
6 -- Activated Carbon Filters
1 -- 12" Deep HEPA Filter

Manufacturers Minimum Advertised Price:  $1495.00

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Dimensions: 35 1/2" L x 25 1/2" W x 13" H
Electrical: 4.2 amps, 120 volts, 2-speed, 10' power cord, 3 prong grounded plug
Filters: 1/2" Polyester Pre-Filter, 1/2" Activated Carbon Filter, 12" Deep HEPA Filter
Weight: 100 lbs.
CFM: 1000
Cabinet Finish: White; Black; Woodgrain; Cherry
Ceiling or Wall-Mounted Application

Our air quality units have a 95% grade H.E.P.A. Filter that captures 
95% of smoke particles
 100% of the time
 for one full year (changed once per year). 
Your air quality is consistently good 24-7-365 days of the year.  


Eliminate Tobacco, Tar & Nicotine Odors with 6-Activated Carbon Odor Control Filters (changed every 60 days); each Carbon Filter will absorb 50% of its own weight in tar and nicotine gases - getting rid of tobacco odors.

Mark 10 Unit

Unit is designed for ceilings up to 8' Height:

It is recommended that the Mark 10 Air Cleaner be installed in areas that
 have 9-10 Ft ceiling heights.

The Mark 10 Air Cleaner is equipped with 4-eye bolts installed 16" on-center
on top of each system for easy installation.

The installation hardware also includes:
4-"S" hooks, 4- eye lags and industrial hanging wire.

(The Mark 10 Unit can also be shelf-mounted.)

Mark 10 Smoke Eater​​